Tuesday 17 November 2020


While Labour may be leading in some polls, party membership is going in the opposite direction.  Results from the recent NEC election revealed that since Starmer took over as leader the party has lost almost 60,000 members and has now fallen below the half a million figure that was lauded by so many Corbynistas.  When Starmer won the leadership in April there were 552,835 registered party members.  That now stands at 495,961.

Turnout in the election was also significantly down, from 45.6 per cent earlier this year to just 27.4.  This is the lowest turnout in an NEC election since 2017.

In a further sign of division, one of the members elected to the NEC in the most recent election is being probed over remarks on social media.  Corbyn loyalist Gemma Bolton reportedly challenged the party to suspend her after declaring that Israel is an 'apartheid state'.  She added: "That comrades, is a hill I am perfectly happy to die on".

Meanwhile, the Great Leader has released a new statement this morning in relation to his suspension (see below).  He struck a conciliatory note and says he wants the matter 'resolved quickly'.  Will Starmer listen?  Many moderates want Corbyn expelled and are happy to see the back of his most loyal supporters too.  While Corbyn's inner circle want him reinstated, there are others who say that the party is 'dead' under Starmer and that a new socialist party is the only way forward.  Either way, Starmer's battle with the hard left is far from over.