Thursday 12 November 2020


Around 250 migrants being temporarily housed at an army barracks in Pembrokeshire have staged a protest against their living conditions.  The asylum seekers are being housed at Penally for up to a year while their claims are processed, but yesterday they demanded proper housing and said that the camp was like a 'prison'.  It's worth noting that they held their protest outside the perimeter of the camp and are actually free to come and go as they please, so much so that they were out and about drinking and disturbing local residents during the recent lockdown in Wales.  So much for being 'imprisoned'.

The migrants held placards saying they 'escaped from war', but this too is just spin.  The BBC reported last month that the majority of them are from Iran and Iraq, but there is currently no war in either of those countries.  Daesh were defeated in Iraq three years ago.  Also, there are no women or children in the camp - all the migrants are males aged 18-35.

They are also complaining about a lack of social distancing in the camp, as up to six of them are reportedly crammed into each room.  However, they have no issues with social distancing when speaking to journalists outside the camp.

The men's cause is being supported by leftist open borders groups, who cynically informed them to observe a two minute's silence as their protest coincided with Armistice Day.  "We demand that they be moved to housing" a spokesperson for Stand Up To Racism told the Tenby Observer.  Er, shouldn't we be housing British people before using up housing stock for people who have not even been granted asylum - yet?

And despite telling the BBC last month that they do not pose a threat to anyone's safety, there have been multiple arrests of migrants fighting each other.  On October 20 two migrants were arrested after a mass fight broke out and on Tuesday another five were arrested after another violent incident.  A witness told the Tenby Observer that a metal pipe was among the weapons used.  Police were also called on the night of October 27 when migrants were reported to be passing through the village of Penally 'drinking and shouting'.  This incident occurred after Wales was put into lockdown.  Police have also been investigating reports that some of them had approached school-age girls in a playground in nearby Tenby.

It will come as no surprise to anyone that none of these incidents were mentioned in the BBC coverage of the protest...