Wednesday 18 November 2020


Journalist Suzanne Moore has quit The Guardian newspaper after more than 25 years following a campaign against her by trans activists and their hard left allies.  Moore was targeted in March after she wrote an article defending a professor who had also fallen foul of the trans lobby.  Within 48 hours a letter was printed in The Guardian condemning Moore.  The signatories included two hard left Labour MPs (Nadia Whittome and Zarah Sultana), the co-leader of the Green Party and commie journalist Ash Sarkar.  Over 300 Guardian employees also wrote to their editor complaining of 'transphobic content'.

Moore's offending article had discussed the historian Selina Todd who was targeted after she addressed a meeting of a feminist group.  Women's Place UK is designated a 'hate group' by the Labour Campaign For Trans Rights, merely for defending the rights of women as opposed to men who identify as women.  By speaking up for Professor Todd, Moore was fair game in the eyes of the increasingly tyrannical trans lobby.

Moore announced her departure via her Twitter page and changed her bio to read: "She left because she understood the value of defiance".  She took a parting shot at her employers two days earlier, denouncing The Guardian's decision to run an obituary for the Yorkshire Ripper.

There will be no shortage of outlets for Moore to continue writing.  In the past she has written for a wide variety of publications, from The Independent to the Daily Mail, something that she alluded to in a defiant tweet (see below).

Far from claiming a major scalp in their cancel war, the transfascists have merely created a powerful martyr with a grudge, and one who can now potentially reach a far greater audience beyond the dwindling readership of The Guardian.  Losers.