Wednesday 11 November 2020


Brexiteers Fox and Hoey

Baroness Fox spoke in support of the government as the House of Lords debated the Internal Market Bill on Monday.  As expected, the Remainer-loaded second chamber voted heavily in favour of removing parts of the bill that overruled the EU withdrawal agreement.  More than forty Tory peers were among those who threw out these clauses in crushing defeats of 433-165 and 407-148.  Heavily outnumbered, but undeterred, new peer Fox denounced attempts to block the bill in a nine minute speech (see below).

Intriguingly the former Brexit Party MEP was flanked by Baroness Hoey, the former Labour MP and fellow Brexiteer.  While Fox is a former member of the pro-IRA Revolutionary Communist Party, Kate Hoey is a Northern Ireland protestant and Unionist.  One wore a poppy, one did not, but Fox's speech revolved around respecting the territorial sovereignty of the United Kingdom.  Great speech, odd couple, strange times...