Monday 30 November 2020


One aspect of the Chancellor's spending review was always guaranteed to spark criticism from Sir Squeaky and his MPs.  Rishi Sunak's decision to temporarily reduce the foreign aid budget was slammed by globalists from across the party divide including Tony Blair, David Cameron and Jeremy Hunt.  It's no wonder these same people were astonished by the Leave mandate because they keep making the same arrogant mistakes over and over again.  Starmer says that the proposed cut in foreign aid would 'not only undermine public trust, but hugely weaken us on the world stage'.

Firstly, the public understand that this country is going to be on its knees for years to come and are overwhelmingly supportive of the cut.  Seeing as poorer communities will bear the brunt of this recession, Labour are once again ignoring their old heartlands.  Secondly, the cut is effectively peanuts in comparison to the mountain of debt the UK is currently facing.  At 0.2 per cent the cut would still leave Britain as one of the biggest foreign aid donors in the world, with only Japan leapfrogging.  Labour has got its priorities wrong again.

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