Saturday 14 November 2020


The BBC made a huge tactical error in removing Andrew Neil from its schedule.  Without a regular TV slot and now free of the BBC, he has embarked on an outspoken journey and in the new year he launches his own news channel.  GB News will be available on Freeview and looks set to challenge the mainstream media monopoly and their globalist fear-mongering narrative.

Neil's final assignment for the BBC was covering the US presidential election, which he discussed on Politics Live last week.  He said he was enjoying his new-found freedom 'to say what he thinks' and he didn't hold back when launching an attack on the Scottish National Party.  Host Jo Coburn had asked Neil about the implications of the US election for Britain, but instead he embarked on an assault on the SNP and appeared to accuse London-based media of giving them 'a free ride'.  Also on a video link was the SNP MP for Stirling, Alyn Smith, who responded to Neil's assault with a patronising remark about Neil needing 'a lie-down'.  The ferocious debate ended in a virtual staring match with Smith raising his eyebrow and glaring into the camera.

Watch below (and then enjoy Neil's devastating take-down of Nicola Sturgeon from last year's pre-election interview).

Andrew Neil eviscerates Nicola Sturgeon (November 2019)