Sunday 15 November 2020


Lockdown critic Sir Desmond Swayne has hit out again at his own government in a blistering speech about the ongoing coronavirus restrictions.  The New Forest West MP spoke out on Armistice Day, reminding the few present that our liberties were 'bought at an extraordinarily high price'.  He looked around the sparsely occupied chamber as he spoke, but the truth is that he would never find anyone nodding in agreement on the so-called 'opposition' benches.  Whether it be Labour, Plaid, the SNP or the laughably named 'Liberal Democrats' - they have provided no opposition at all.  It's almost as if the same parties who spent years trying to destroy our democracy now revel in the total destruction of our economy.

And for those who believe that a vaccine will herald a 'return to normality', heed the words of Desmond Swayne: "The state has learned a powerful lesson - that the people's liberties can be dispensed with when need arises".  So hold on to your masks and cancel Christmas if you will, or alternatively put your foot down and say enough is enough.  The future is bleak either way, but you can choose to either proceed with your head held high or your arse in the air...