Thursday 6 August 2020


The BBC has produced a video about 'white privilege' directed at schoolchildren.  The video appeared on its Bitesize online service, a resource whose remit is to assist school pupils with their schoolwork.  How exactly does a lecture about so-called white privilege help pupils with their schooling?  It doesn't, but it fits the divisive hard left narrative that is prevailing in popular culture across the West right now.

Telling white kids they automatically have a leg-up the moment they're born while others are held back because of the colour of their skin is not helping anyone.  It creates resentment on all sides and entrenches a victimhood mentality in minority communities.  Imagine being a black kid and being constantly told you can't achieve anything in life because of something beyond your control.  It's not a positive message at all.

Watch below and ask yourself if you're really comfortable paying to fund propaganda like this...

This barrage of constant race baiting is doing eminently more harm to race relations than 'systemic racism' ever could.  It's not education, it's indoctrination, and surely now is the time to cancel that TV licence?

Incidentally, the Director of Radio and Education at the BBC is one James Purnell, one time Islington councillor and MP.  He has held the position since 2016, in addition to his role as Director of Digital and Strategy.  He served as a minister in both the Blair and Brown governments, but stood down at the 2010 general election.  A year earlier he was one of many MPs embroiled in the expenses scandal.

James Purnell