Tuesday 11 August 2020


The Dawn Butler circus will have gone down like a lead balloon with the overwhelming majority of British people.  Even the heavily edited version of her confrontation with Met officers shows that she is an entitled snob whose uppity arrogance will resonate with barely anyone beyond middle class Remainers who have embraced the Black Lives Matter anti-police Marxist narrative.  Sir Keir Starmer has naturally endorsed Butler's concerns, as have her comrades in the Socialist Campaign Group.  The likes of Corbyn, McDonnell, Abbott, Burgon and Sultana are in that group.  Enough said.

Her humiliation of those police officers is going to backfire spectacularly in the working class communities Labour can't afford to alienate any further.  While it's true the Old Bill are not universally revered, the sight of an MP using her privilege to speak down to people of any profession is a huge misfire.  This was perhaps best exemplified by a video made by a Welsh politician on Monday night.  Richard Taylor, a former Brexit Party candidate, was on holiday in Spain when the Butler story broke.  He responded in hilarious, but cutting fashion (watch below).

Mr Taylor knows a thing or two about the police, having been convicted of dozens of offences in his youth.  Having found Christianity while serving one prison sentence, the Llanelli native turned his life around.  A lifelong Labour voter, he was converted to the Brexit Party last year and stood in the general election.  He came second in Blaenau Gwent behind the Labour candidate, slashing the Labour majority by more than 3,000 and easily saving his deposit by securing more than 20 per cent of the vote - one of the best Brexit Party results in the country.

Mr Taylor is now a member of a party committed to abolishing the Senedd - the Abolish the Welsh Assembly Party.  The party campaigns for a return to direct rule, arguing that only one in four people voted for the assembly back in 1997.  If Covid-19 teaches us anything, it's that things were definitely a lot simpler in the UK before New Labour introduced devolution!

Richard Taylor pictured with Nigel Farage last year