Tuesday 25 August 2020


Nigel Farage says the only way the British government can halt the flow of migrants across the English Channel is to opt out of the Dublin Regulation.  EU law currently allows asylum seekers to make an asylum claim in any member state - at present this includes the UK as we are still subject to EU law.  Speaking to TalkRadio's Mike Graham this morning, Mr Farage spoke about the ongoing migration scandal, but said he believed that Priti Patel genuinely wanted to resolve the situation.  However, in order to do so she needs the support of the Prime Minister and that may not be forthcoming.

Without the presence of the Brexit Party in working class seats the Tories would not have collapsed Labour's red wall on December the 12th.  Boris Johnson could do much worse than heed the advice of Nigel Farage here.  Listen below.

If you haven't seen the Anfield video that is referenced briefly during the interview, you can see it below.