Monday 3 August 2020


Labour frontbencher Jess Phillips has got on her high horse over the Tory MP reportedly arrested on suspicion of rape.  The anonymous MP has not been charged with any offence, but she wants him suspended, named and shamed anyway.  Sadly for Jess it transpires that in 2016 she backed a Commons rule change safeguarding the anonymity of arrested MPs.  The only MP who opposed the motion was Labour's John Mann (now ex-Labour).  Prior to that vote it was the Speaker's duty to inform the House of an arrest, therefore making the news public.  The change was proposed by Chris Grayling (then Leader of the House) and brought MPs into line with members of the public who are not normally named by the police unless they are charged with a crime.

Phillips appeared on Good Morning Britain on Monday to promote her new book and used the opportunity to denounce the Tories for failing to act in the current situation (see below).

Once again this fake feminist selectively calls out (alleged) abuse of women, but strangely when it comes to grooming gangs she says nothing, and who can forget her belittling of the mass rape and sexual assaults that occurred in German cities on New Years' Eve 2015 by predominantly Arab migrants.  Phillips responded to an audience question about the attacks by comparing them to 'heckling' that occurred on 'Broad Street in Birmingham every week'.  In Cologne and Hamburg that night more than a thousand women reported sexual assaults, 24 of which involved rape.  Phillips is no feminist.