Monday 3 August 2020


Avid tweeter Barry Sheerman often lets rip without putting a great deal of thought into his posts.  On Sunday the Huddersfield MP strayed into the realms of anti-Semitism with a tweet about 'silver shekels'.  Asked to elaborate on what he was referring to, Barry doubled down by naming two prominent Jewish businessmen who he joked had been rejected for peerages.

Hapless Barry quickly deleted the tweets and embarked on an evening of grovelling apologies, issuing three tweets around 45 minutes apart.  Looks like daft Barry put more thought into these...

Barry's inability to put his brain into gear before he spouts off is something that he exercises beyond social media.  Despite his constituency backing Leave in 2016, Barry told the Beeb in 2017 that 'better educated people voted Remain'.  Watch below.

No wonder Barry's majority crashed from more than 12,000 to less than 5,000 on December 12th.