Saturday 8 August 2020


Intercepted migrant boats stored in Dover

TalkRadio's Julia Hartley-Brewer has joined the chorus of anger over the daily influx of migrants across the English Channel.  She used her show to deliver a devastating monologue attacking a Tory government apparently unable or unwilling to stem the flow.

Priti Patel met with French officials recently to discuss the crisis.  There were photos, smiles and an agreement was signed on greater co-operation in tackling the problem.  Since then the number of migrants making the crossing has increased.  Now that the mainstream media is all over this Priti is being boxed in.  The number of crossings are 'appalling and unacceptably high' she says, but as Hartley-Brewer says - this has now been going on for years, except it's getting worse.  The number said to have crossed this year is already double the number for the whole of 2019 and new estimates suggest a total of 7,500 could make it across by the end of the year.  Priti now warns that she may deploy the Royal Navy to 'turn back the boats', but making threats during a heatwave and calm waters will only encourage larger numbers to cross if they think warships are going to be deployed in the near future.  The time for rhetoric has long passed and words must be superceded by actions.  Don't tell us what you may do - actually do it.

Sadly, this increasingly limp-wristed government would probably dare not deploy any measures that would potentially threaten the safety of the migrants.  There is already outrage on the left at such a proposal and, if the last few months have taught us anything, this government will pander to their concerns instead of the voters who elected them.

Watch Julia's monologue below.

As Julia alludes to in her piece, there is one man who has tirelessly fought to expose this madness all summer, while the mainstream media said nothing.  Nigel Farage has spent much of his time monitoring the Kent coastline, on land and sea.  His videos have amassed millions of views on social media and arguably the current news frenzy is down to him.  However, while the news cameras point out to sea and the BBC desperately sails around trying to find a boat that contains women and children, Nigel is exposing much more about this scandal.

While the government is legally obliged for migrants once they are in British waters, they are certainly not obliged to put them on coaches and take them off to swanky hotels at great expense to the taxpayer.  As Farage recently exposed in one of his videos, entire premises are being commandeered by the government for the exclusive use of illegals.  Is it any wonder they come?  Furthermore, this lavish treatment is only going to encourage more to leave their countries of origin and make the journey.  The migrants have access to wi-fi and telephones and will undoubtedly be informing their family and friends back home that all the rumours are true - Britain really is the land of milk and honey.

The scandal of hotels being used to house migrants inadvertently make it onto the news channels a couple of months ago when a migrant went berserk in a hotel in Glasgow.  The knifeman was shot dead by police, but the cat was temporarily out of the bag.  A Sky News reporter angered many by expressing the view that migrants had not been happy with their accommodation.  The Park Inn in Glasgow is a three star hotel run by Radisson no less!

In Farage's latest video he also discovers that some migrants are receiving special treats in the form of leisure trips around the country.  One group was even given a guided tour of Anfield Stadium in Liverpool, thought to have been paid for by a migrant charity.

Watch below.

Whatever people voted for on December the 12th, they didn't vote for this.