Monday 10 August 2020


Labour's Dawn Butler was all over the news and social media on Sunday in a co-ordinated attempt to smear the Metropolitan Police and exacerbate racial tensions.  At 12:18 Dawn tweeted that "she got stopped by the police driving through Hackney".  Despite declaring that she'd filmed the whole incident and there would be more details to follow there was no further update for almost five hours.  It was during the five o'clock news bulletin on Sky News that a heavily edited version of Butler's video was broadcast, alongside soundbites from an interview she'd conducted accusing the Met of 'racial profiling' and 'institutional racism'.  The broadcast can be seen below.

A number of things have occurred here which suggest that Sky News have collaborated with Dawn Butler to present a false narrative.  Firstly, you'll note that in Dawn's tweet she states that she got stopped while driving.  However, this is a lie.  While the steering wheel is not visible in Sky's clip, the policeman's name badge can be seen on the left hand side of his uniform.  Met officers' names are actually displayed on the right hand side of their uniforms.  The lettering is indecipherable in the clip, partially because it's back to front - in other words the video orientation has been flipped.  This mirroring effect suggests Butler was in the driving seat when she was actually the passenger.

Whether this is a result of Dawn's original mobile phone recording or if the effect was added afterwards is unclear, but tied with the false suggestion that she was the driver it doesn't look good.

What's more, another clip has since appeared that adds fuel to the fire.  In the Sky News edit Dawn speaks directly to the camera before looking across to the other seat.  As the camera begins to move toward who or what she is looking at, the video cuts to her confrontation with the officers.  This appears to be the very beginning of her recording and she is looking at the driver, who is naturally the first port of call for the officers.  The video below shows the new clip, but it has been reversed back to show the correct orientation instead of the back to front version shown on TV.  It also reveals another interesting detail concerning the racial profiling allegation Butler has made...

Although his face is obscured, it's clear that the individual in the driver's seat is not black.  The light-skinned person may be white or mixed-race, but he is not black.  This deals a further blow to Dawn's race baiting.

As for the confusion as to why the vehicle was stopped, the Met released the following statement on Sunday evening:

At approximately midday on Sunday, 9 August, police stopped a vehicle in Hackney.
Prior to stopping the vehicle, an officer incorrectly entered the registration into a police computer which identified the car as registered to an address in Yorkshire.
Upon stopping the vehicle and speaking with the driver, it quickly became apparent that the registration had been entered incorrectly and was registered to the driver in London.
Once the mistake was realised the officer sought to explain this to the occupants; they were then allowed on their way. 
No searches were carried out on any individuals.
One of the occupants has since been contacted by a senior officer and they have discussed the stop, subsequent interaction as well as feedback regarding the stop.
We would welcome the opportunity to discuss this matter further with the occupants if they wish to do so.

Could it be that it was just an honest mistake?  Butler clearly wasn't interested in the explanation and has instead sought to whip up racial tension and smear the Met at a time when race relations have been driven to their lowest ebb in decades.  It should come as no surprise to anyone that Sky News have happily co-operated with Butler in order to drive this latest piece of anti-police propaganda.  The mainstream media has done nothing but encourage the divisive agenda of Black Lives Matter throughout the summer.

It's worth noting that while Sky News, Channel 4 and others choose to broadcast Dawn Butler's racially divisive fake narrative, there were two murders in London over the weekend and over a dozen stabbings.  Yet instead of life and death situations, viewers are faced with Dawn Butler's sour faced narcissistic race baiting nonsense.