Wednesday 12 August 2020


Momentum have jumped on the Dawn Butler bandwagon with a video straight out of the divisive anti-police Black Lives Matter playbook.  The racially charged video is presented by Walsall activist Mish Rahman and plays on statistics for lockdown fines, interspersed with images of beach-goers and, naturally, Dominic Cummings.  Rahman scoffs at suggestions that disproportionate fines could be explained by BAME people having been more likely to break lockdown rules, but recent evidence suggests that this may well indeed be the case.  How else can it be explained that towns and cities experiencing spikes in infection rates are overwhelmingly home to large Asian communities - or to put it more accurately - Muslim communities who exist parallel to British life and operate by their own rules.  And then there are the relentless BLM demonstrations - all of which illegal under lockdown rules - but which Rahman doesn't mention once.  Watch below.

Rahman is hoping to get elected to Labour's ruling National Executive Committee later this year.  He may need a spot of luck now that the Great Leader's reign is over.  Some things haven't changed though and the mammoth election process is another four month Labour epic.  Why does it always take them so long to elect their own people?