Friday 14 August 2020


Mark and Patricia McCloskey confront BLM protesters

At the end of June a wealthy couple in St Louis, Missouri sprang to international prominence following an incident outside their home.  Mark McCloskey and his wife confronted Black Lives Matter protesters who had just broken into their private estate.  Believing their lives and property to be in imminent danger, the couple took up arms and stood in front of their home to ward off the threat.  Video footage of the couple pointing their weapons later went viral.

The McCloskeys, who are both lawyers, have since endured a barrage of death threats, a further protest outside their home, a police raid and are being prosecuted for their actions.  As the entire incident took place on private property, the pair are confident they will win their case.

For greater context St Louis saw several nights of serious rioting a few weeks prior to the McCloskey incident, including the deaths of two people.  On May 30 a looter was killed during an attack on a FedEx lorry.  The driver was forced to stop by rioters who had blocked the road, after which his vehicle was mounted, he was threatened at gunpoint and his trailer broken into.  Fearing for his life the driver sped away, inadvertently trapping a looter under one of his wheels and dragging him to his death.  Three nights later retired police chief David Dorn was murdered.

77-year-old Dorn had gone to his friend's pawn shop after the security alarm had been triggered.  When he arrived he was confronted by several looters, one of whom shot and killed him.  Four serving police officers were also shot that night in St Louis, none of whom fatally.

While the deaths in St Louis were afforded little airtime by the mainstream media, the McCloskey story was in much demand and Mark McCloskey was given plenty of opportunities to defend himself.  Unlike in Britain, where all the mainstream news outlets promote a BLM agenda, US viewers can choose to watch Fox News if they want a more honest appraisal of what the other networks would describe as 'peaceful protests'.

The following two interviews given by Mark McCloskey show just how diametrically opposed the narrative is when it comes to Black Lives Matter.  First up is his Fox News interview, followed by CNN - during which the presenter actually criticises Fox for its stance.

Tucker Carlson (Fox News) speaks to Mark McCloskey

Chris Cuomo (CNN) speaks to Mark McCloskey

Despite all the death and destruction across America over the last few months, the McCloskey incident in which no-one was hurt attracted worldwide media attention.  The Chris Cuomo interview clearly presented a BLM agenda and sought to demonise the McCloskeys.  Watch below as our very own Good Morning Britain presenters displaye an identical agenda...

Ben Shepherd & Ranvir Singh (GMB) speak to Mark McCloskey

American patriots should count themselves lucky they have Fox News.  All we have is the same old leftist news propaganda on every channel.