Sunday 18 November 2018


Shared 1,464 times via the Facebook page, this BTLP original showcases the disarray that is the Labour Party on Brexit.  All the quotes are genuine, with the exception of poor Diane who we added for a touch of humour.  Lifelong Eurosceptic Corbyn is constantly being undermined by his front bench colleagues.  Within days of Corbyn telling German press that Brexit "can't be stopped" up stepped Shadow Brexit Secretary (and staunch Remainer) Keir Starmer to say precisely the exact opposite, while Thornberry suggested a second referendum must "remain on the table".

Labour would not provide a healthy alternative to the woeful deal that May has drawn up.  All they can offer is confusion, with the party 'leader' trying to pull the party in the opposite direction to that which most of his MPs want to go ie. to remain in the EU and overturn the referendum.

You just can't trust Labour on Brexit!