Thursday 8 November 2018


Thanks to the hard work and persistence of the Islington Gazette we can reveal another sinister individual lurking within the Labour Party.  Her name is Sandy Marks (pictured above) and she is a former mayor and long-standing councillor in Corbyn's own backyard of Islington.  In the course of investigating Islington's child abuse scandal the Gazette uncovered links between Marks and a sinister group known as 'Fallen Angels'.  This disgusting group promoted the abolition of the age of consent and campaigned for the release of five men belonging to the 'Paedophile Information Exchange' or PIE for short.  If that name sounds familiar it will be from the scandal that involved three senior Labour MPs a few years ago - namely Harriet Harman, Jack Dromey and Patricia Hewitt.

The links between Marks and Fallen Angels didn't stop her appearing at the 2015 Labour conference, in which she got her wheelchair stuck at the podium and was rescued by none other than Corbyn and McDonnell (see picture above).  Kudos to the Islington Gazette for the hard hitting video below...