Monday 1 March 2021


More expense revelations have emerged about Labour's most virtuous cheerleader for the downtrodden - Angela Rayner.  While Starmer's deputy likes to talk the talk when it comes to the disadvantaged, she doesn't walk their walk.  In this month's expense returns we discover that she blew £249 on a pair of personalised Apple Airpod earphones.  Now Apple no longer supply a pair of standard earphones with their iPhones, so Rayner could argue that she needed a pair so she could conduct telephone business on those first class train journeys she also bills the taxpayer for.  However, instead of picking up a pair online for about a tenner, once again Angela decided that it was nothing but the best for her - at taxpayers' expense, naturally.

In addition to her £249 earphones, Rayner also purchased a £99 case for her £1,619 iPad Pro - again both billed to the taxpayer.  A £131 wireless Apple Pencil also appeared in her expenses as did a £199 Apple keyboard.  That's more than two grand on software and accessories at a time when millions of Brits are facing unemployment, including many of her own constituents.  Shameful.

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