Monday 29 March 2021


Lord Adonis, Ian Murray and Richard Corbett

Thousands of Remainers attended an online conference on Saturday to discuss their movement's next course of action.  The event was laid on by European Movement UK, a globalist pressure group that has been pushing for European integration since 1949.  The current chair of EMUK is crazed Labour peer Lord Adonis, who made Saturday's joint closing address alongside ex-Tory peer Lord Heseltine, the organisation's president.

Other participants in the event included former Labour MEPs Richard Corbett and Jackie Jones, plus Momentum's Laura Parker.  Corbett chaired a discussion entitled "What's next for our movement?" which included a contribution from former Tory MP Dominic Grieve.  Current Labour frontbencher Ian Murray was also scheduled to speak, but pulled out at the last minute, possibly after an intervention from his party leader.  Starmer has repeatedly tried to distance Labour from the 'rejoin' cause and the presence of one of his frontbenchers at this conference would have been acutely embarrassing.

The nine hour event also heard from Green MP Caroline Lucas, Lib Dem MP Daisy Cooper, former Tory MP David Lidington and Deborah Meaden of Dragon's Den fame.  According to an event listing, 3,266 attended the virtual conference.

EMUK was one of the recipients of half a million pounds donated by George Soros to various anti-Brexit groups in 2018.  It will come as no great surprise to anyone that Soros is listed as an agenda contributor to the World Economic Forum, architects of the Great Reset.  Arch Remainer Tony Blair is also a WEF agent.