Tuesday 23 March 2021


There were plenty of disgusting acts carried out on Sunday night in Bristol - from smashing up NHS workers' cars to stamping on police officers so hard that one was left with a punctured lung.  It emerged yesterday that another sickening act carried out during the rioting involved two females.  Video footage showed two women approach the police line, drop their trousers and appear to urinate on the feet of the officers.  While they are engaged in this act of depravity they took selfies.  Their parents must be so proud.

Some media sources say one of the women defecated, although photos show only a puddle of urine after they got to their feet.  Either way, the depth of the depravity is hard to fathom.  We can but hope that this single act follows them around for the rest of their sorry lives.

On a more positive note it is being reported that rioters who set fire to a police van with officers inside could be charged with attempted murder.  Whether they would be though is highly doubtful.  Remember that this is the police force that empowered this mob in the first place.  They refused to intervene in the toppling of the Colston statue and then took six months to charge anyone - despite the fact the crime was filmed and photographed from multiple angles.  One of their own senior officers justified the crime in two interviews at the time.

Some have argued that those in charge of Avon and Somerset Police brought Sunday's events upon themselves.  If they can't see that now is the time to get tough on BLM they never will.  Stop the kneeling nonsense and start punishing criminals.