Monday 11 May 2020


Shaun Bailey

Sadiq Khan continues to evade the scrutiny of the London Assembly and by the time he finally makes an appearance at Mayor's Question Time in a fortnight it will have been more than two months since he last appeared.  During the pandemic he has overseen a disaster on Transport for London, for which he is directly responsible.  By slashing services early on in the pandemic he provided the virus with the perfect breeding ground as key workers crammed into packed carriages.  Many TfL staff have since perished on Khan's watch.

Of course whenever Khan faces questions (on anything) he deflects blame onto central government, a fact not lost on his Conservative opponent Shaun Bailey.  Speaking to TalkRadio's Dan Wootton last week, Bailey asked what was the point of Khan if he doesn't actually make any decisions independent of central government.  Khan was very busy spouting off in the media about compulsory face masks on public transport a few weeks ago, but he hasn't acted on it.

The full interview can be found below.

Khan refuses to speak to TalkRadio, instead he will only give interviews to his Remainer pal on LBC Radio - James O'Brien.  He was with O'Brien again today, but he won't speak to Nick Ferrari or anyone else as he is not guaranteed such an easy ride.  Khan is a coward, but he can't hide forever.