Wednesday 6 May 2020


This is the astonishing tweet from the London youth wing of the Labour Party, commemorating the death of IRA bomber Bobby Sands.

48 people were killed by Irish republican terrorists in London during the Troubles.  Would it be too much to ask Labour in its new London heartland to remember those people, rather than the terrorists themselves?

The vile tweet is still up at the time of writing.

DUP MP Ian Paisley Jnr has complained directly to Keir Starmer over the tweet.  He told the Belfast Newsletter: "I’ve sent that tweet to Keir Starmer who I know will be alarmed by it and probably annoyed by it.  I worked with Keir Starmer for about four or five years when he was on the policing board as our advisor.  That tweet was actually sent to me by a Labour Party supporter who lives in London but is actually from Northern Ireland.  They were very annoyed by it, because this doesn't reflect what grassroots Labour members are about and it gives the wrong view of the Labour Party.  Now it’s up to the Labour Party leadership to take this by the scruff of the neck and sort this out, and I’ve asked Keir Starmer to do that".

Doug Beattie, an Ulster Unionist member of the Northern Ireland assembly added: "This is incredibly insensitive to those people who were victims of the IRA.  Young Labour will become the present day Labour - the young activists now will become the politicians of the future - and is this is the view that they have now?  If they have so little regard for those people who were victims of the IRA including those victims in London, in Birmingham, in Manchester, men, women and children murdered by the IRA, if that’s their understanding of what happened here in Northern Ireland then God help us if they are the politicians of the future in regards to Labour.  Labour needs to get to grips with this.  Keir Starmer needs to take a stand. He needs to understand exactly what Corbyn has created within that party".