Thursday 21 May 2020


During yesterday's PMQs, Rosie Duffield queried the poor representation of women in the government's scientific advisory committee and at the daily press briefings.  The Canterbury MP quite rightly pointed out that only one female cabinet member had led the press briefing - Priti Patel, albeit Labour do not speak her name.  Duffield read her question from a Best for Britain notebook.  Best for Britain is a Remain campaign group set up in 2017 by Gina Miller and others to stop Brexit.  It is heavily funded by the globalist billionaire George Soros.

The PM responded to Duffield by signalling his agreement and pointed to a couple of recent female appointments to the scientific committee by way of redressing the balance.  He did not refer to the press briefings nor did he seek to score any political points.  He could have easily pointed out that Duffield's party is the only major political party in the UK never to have elected a female leader.

He could have also said that Labour is the party that failed a generation of vulnerable girls in places like Rochdale, Rotherham and Telford, but of course the Tories have recently been embroiled in their own deceit surrounding that national scandal.