Sunday 31 May 2020


President Trump quite rightly moved to designate Antifa as a terrorist organisation on Sunday.  The far left thugs have been very busy whipping up the race riots across the United States, something that British-based leftists are desperately keen to emulate.  Following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis a very misleading tweet began to circulate in the UK.  It regarded an incident that happened in Greater Manchester on May 6.

A black motorist was pulled over for speeding and was also found to be driving without insurance and gave a positive breath test, all offences that he later admitted in court.  The altercation that led to his tasering was filmed and shared on social media.  Leftists immediately pounced on the incident and later staged a demonstration at the scene.  Their 'outrage' was based on the fact the offender was black, the police were white and that everything happened in front of his small child.  The fact that he had been speeding under the influence of alcohol with his young child as a passenger was irrelevant to them.

A few weeks later the incident was used to attack Dominic Cummings in numerous similarly worded or identical tweets, alleging that the man was tasered for taking a 'non-essential' journey.  Of course the list of other offences was conveniently omitted.  Note the Labour rose in both these tweets.

After violence erupted in US cities, the British left have now moved on to a more insidious agenda.  They are desperate to replicate the mayhem here, but the Floyd case alone just isn't enough to incite young black British males to violence.  Hence they are whipping up anger over the same tasering incident, now claiming that the man was tasered for filling up his car...

Shameful and deceitful.  President Trump was right to act on his domestic terrorism problem, let's hope that our communities stand strong against the same divisive and hateful tactics of the left here.