Sunday 17 May 2020


Labour activists have been getting a lot of media airtime in recent months, but they are rarely introduced as such.  They are generally introduced as 'nurse' or 'doctor' and proceed to lay into the Tory government as if they are just a random member of the public.  Yesterday Sky News dropped a teacher on its viewers, but again failed to mention that she was a Labour activist.

Ellie Sharp, from London, is on the hard left of the party and supported Rebecca Long-Bailey for the leadership.  She appears to be quite typical of the middle class metropolitan membership that is prevalent in the former working class party.  There's not a hint of any accent in her plum (and scripted) delivery on Sky News.  Watch below.

Sharp follows dozens of hard left social media accounts including Novara Media, Extinction Rebellion, Palestine Solidarity, the pro-migrant Care4Calais and several Momentum pages.  She canvassed for Labour in several London and south east constituencies during the 2019 general election and said that Tory calls for stricter discipline in schools made her "feel genuinely ill".

Make no mistake, left-wing teachers and trade unionists do not care about our children.  They care about the political mileage they can make out of them.

Ellie Sharp posing with 'fuck the police' grafitti.
Would you want someone like this teaching your children?