Monday 25 May 2020


The Shadow Home Secretary was tasked with a very poignant question from Andrew Marr on Sunday.  Nick Thomas-Symonds, who also represents a Welsh constituency, was asked about the performance of the Labour government in Wales during the pandemic.  Marr brought up the Welsh government's poor record on care homes and potential probe by the Equality and Human Rights Commission.  He failed to mention also that testing in Wales is the lowest across the four nations to the extent that Welsh DWP staff were recently advised to get tested in England.  The Welsh government has also botched the dispatch of letters to vulnerable citizens - sending out thousands of letters to the wrong addresses - not once, but twice.

Thomas-Symonds responded to Marr's question was disingenuous to say the least.  Labour politicians in Westminster have been unrelenting in their criticism of the UK Tory government throughout the pandemic, but faced with criticism of the Labour government in Wales, Nick says "nobody is suggesting this isn't challenging for all governments across the UK".  He then instantly reverts to point scoring against the Tories by claiming that excess deaths in Wales are lower than in England.

We live in eternal gratitude that these people are not overseeing the pandemic across the UK.