Sunday 6 November 2022


Neil sets the scene for his latest GB News monologue by venturing back to 1984 and the beginning of Bob Geldof's musical crusade to 'feed the world'.  He quotes the Indian philosopher Amartya Sen who noted that hungry mouths don't get that way by simply a shortage of food, but by design.  In other words, they were prevented from accessing food.  The process is currently under way right now across the West and could potentially achieve worldwide starvation on a scale never before seen.  This current process is known by many names, but is perhaps most commonly referred to as 'net zero'.

Greta Thunberg's recent speech, in which she called for the overthrow of the West's 'oppressive and racist capitalism system', revealed the driving force behind the green agenda.  It's communism.  The bust of Lenin in Klaus Schwab's study is another reminder that the failed doctrine of Marx and Engels inspires the tyrants who seek to enslave humanity - what is left of it after the big cull, that is.

In this latest masterpiece, Neil also tackles one of the prophets of 'climate change' catastrophe - one Al Gore.  The twice failed presidential candidate made millions of dollars off the back of peddling tales of imminent disaster, but 16 years on no such environmental disaster has been forthcoming.  How odd that no mass media outlet has taken him to task over his failure, but that wouldn't fit the narrative.  Disaster is imminent - yet again - only this time there will be a co-ordinated power grab, mass depopulation and enslavement of the human race in the name of it.

There's food aplenty and enough energy to go around, but the masses it seems are going to be simultaneously denied of both.  This is an excellent piece to camera - click below for the full 11 minutes and 24 seconds...

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