Sunday 4 December 2022


The penultimate edition of The Month in Cartoons is here.  There's midterm action, Ron versus Don, Hancock Down Under, a political World Cup, COP27 scammers, the G20 minus Putin, industrial action galore, an austerity budget, bad news for Wee Nippie, anti-lockdown protests in China and much, much more.

Watch below or on YouTube.

The December edition of The Month in Cartoons will be our last.  Richey will release a video in the next week or two to explain the reasoning and what, if anything, will replace it.

Meanwhile, here are a selection of toons that didn't make the cut in November.

01.11.22 - Pete Songi, Twitter
06.11.22 - Ben Garrison, Grrr Graphics
07.11.22 - AF Branco, Swamp Monsters
08.11.22 - Just An Artist Questioning, Instagram
09.11.22 - Ben Garrison, Grrr Graphics
10.11.22 - Michael Ramirez, Las Vegas Review
11.11.22 - Jimbob, Gab
11.11.22 - Ron McGeary, Twitter
15.11.22 - Patrick Chappatte, NZZ am Sonntag
18.11.22 - Gary Varvel, Twitter
22.11.22 - Bob Moran, Twitter
26.11.22 - Peter Brookes, The Times
26.11.22 - Tom Stiglich, Twitter
27.11.22 - Bob Moran, Twitter
29.11.22 - Dick Wright, Cagle Cartoons

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