Wednesday 26 October 2022


There was a whiff of desperation from Labour as Rishi Sunak officially became PM on Tuesday.  They sent out Anneliese Dodds - the woman dropped as shadow chancellor in favour of the more presentable, but arguably less effective Rachel Reeves.  Tory musical chairs presented Labour with so many open goals, but what happened was a bizarre attack upon Sunak's record as chancellor.  Let's not forget - in fact, let's never forget - that all the rotten nanny state Covid measures trotted out by Johnson and Sunak were enthusiastically endorsed by Labour.  If anything, Starmer and co wanted more lockdowns - longer and harsher - furlough to be extended and benefits to be expanded.

While the Tories have bankrupted the nation for generations to come, with Labour at the helm the mountain of debt would have been even higher.

Dodds even managed to trot out the following line: "People didn't vote at the last election for a high tax, low growth economy".  She's not wrong there, they didn't vote for Labour.  However, thanks to the government's authoritarian response to Covid, they got a taste of Labour regardless.

The irony is either lost on Dodds or she's cynically well aware of it.  Either way, it's a dumb take for an opposition presented with a third PM in the space of three months.  Click below for the Scarecrow...

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