Monday 17 October 2022


Emily Carver fills in for the holidaying Neil Oliver this time.  Her monologue covers the clown show that is the current UK government, describing the 80 seat Tory majority 'a missed opportunity'.  Amen to that.

Much of the woe beset by the government has been driven by mass media, says Emily, which in turn gave impetus to those seeking to divide from within.  Hence, the downfall of Johnson, and the same will happen to Truss: "Like a pack of hyenas, lobby journalists and the mainstream media smell blood, and they'll make every day a living Hell for the lame duck Prime Minister."

Starmer is now a shoo-in at the next election, an unbelievable proposition just twelve months ago when the Conservatives were still ahead in the polls.

Emily's monologue is brief at less than three minutes, click below for the full video.

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