Tuesday 4 October 2022


As we saw during the Labour conference last week, the appointment of the most diverse Cabinet in British history poses some headaches for a party that is yet to elect a woman as its leader - or, for that matter, to do anything first of note in regards to their beloved 'diversity'.

The Conservatives have now elected three female leaders - all PMs.  They have also appointed the first black and Asian chancellors of the Exchequer and the first Asian men and women as home secretaries.  Of course, diversity is very much a 21st century obsession and the Tories have now governed for most of it.  Still, the prevalence of it on the front benches of their opponents causes Labour a headache.

One of the main problems Tory diversity poses Labour (and the left in general) is that it makes a mockery of their race baiting nonsense.  It contradicts the picture they paint of a 'pale, male and stale' party, as it does critical race theory and all that white privilege guff.  Furthermore, the labels with which they tar their opponents ring ever more hollow with each racism scandal of their own.

Just five days after he was dubbed 'superficially black' by Labour's Rup Huq, the new Chancellor was perusing the headlines when he came across a less than flattering article in the Mirror.  However, it wasn't so much that the headline of the story accused him of 'budget chaos', rather that the man pictured above it was not Kwasi Kwarteng.  "That isn't me" he tweeted on Saturday morning, tagging the Mirror in his post.  

The man in the photo was a senior international banker called Bernard Mensah.  It was a huge embarrassment for the left-wing pro-Labour rag, all the more so for the black history month advert that adorned the screenshot shared by the Chancellor.  Just over an hour later the news article was altered and the image of Mensah replaced with one of Kwarteng.  Twenty minutes later came the public apology...

The left did themselves no favours in responding to the Mirror debacle.  The name 'Robert Mugabe' began to trend on Twitter as leftists likened the unfortunate man in the photo to the Zimbabwean dictator.  "Mugabe must be fecking LIVID he's been mistaken for Kwarteng" tweeted one anonymous lefty.

Doubling down on an embarrassing faux pas, for that's all it could have been, right?  Now imagine the uproar and cries of 'racism' if the Daily Mail had done something similar with Dave Lammy...

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