Saturday 22 October 2022


Our libertarian hero returns to the studio after a three week absence and begins with a quote from boxing legend Mike Tyson: "Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth".  He follows up with several more quotes and phrases before the narrative begins in earnest with a look back to the 2016 referendum.  The smug expectations of David Cameron and the establishment were demolished overnight and political chaos ensued for three years as the elites strove to reverse the result.

We are now looking at our fourth PM in six years, although it may turn out to be the same one Tory MPs ousted three months ago.  It's a clown show and pretty irrelevant as Mr Oliver proceeds to tell us.  The real power lies elsewhere and May, Johnson and Truss are merely puppets.  He progresses with gusto, slamming the persistent 'anti-human' agenda of deadly vaccines and net zero.

At almost eleven minutes, this is one of Neil's longest GB News monologues and he appears rushed at times, as if to squeeze in every news story he's missed over the last few weeks.  Not his best by a long shot, but still infinitely more enlightening than anything Peston or Kuenssberg could deliver...

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