Saturday 15 October 2022


Robbie Coltrane was a talented actor.  After spending the 1980s almost exclusively in comic roles, he went straight in the 1990s to critical acclaim as the lead in gritty crime series Cracker.  Sadly, in death he has been overwhelmingly remembered as the much-loved character of Hagrid in the Harry Potter film adaptations.  He was much better than that.

It was his connection with Harry Potter author JK Rowling that led to a cascade of bile from the left since his passing.  The vile messages posted on Twitter share a common theme, but they also denote a lack of insight and a sense of irony.  For Robbie Coltrane was himself a socialist, a man of the left and a Labour supporter through and through.  He made no secret of it, but the fact is lost on the spiteful minions of the millennial and post-millennial communists who wage online war against anyone who contradicts their twisted narrative.

Robbie Coltrane pictured at a Labour event in 1987 alongside future chancellor
Alistair Darling (far left), future Labour MPs Mark Lazarowicz and Nigel Griffiths
and the late Donald Dewar (partially obscured centre right)

Coltrane was educated at one of the most prestigious private schools in Scotland, but rejected his conservative upbringing and later became an outspoken critic of selective schools.  As well as Labour, he was also involved with Greenpeace and the CND.  Furthermore, when the 2014 Scottish referendum came around he voiced support for independence, but only if it were an 'independent Labour Scotland'.

There is clearly little upon which we agree when it comes to Robbie Coltrane's political stances, but note that since his death we have not posted anything remotely negative about him.  Contrast that with the spiteful drivel posted from his own side, many of whom still furious that he chose to stand by the feminist Rowling - unlike the ungrateful little trio of shits she made famous.  In 2020 Coltrane was quoted thus: "I don’t know why, but there’s a whole Twitter generation of people who hang around waiting to be offended.  They wouldn’t have won the war, would they?"

Hear, hear.

Amid the catalogue of screen-captured hate below, note the Labour rose on 'ClapDaddy327' and the account named 'Women for Wes', a leftist account that mocks Labour frontbencher Wes Streeting.

Regardless of his political views, Robbie Coltrane was clearly a better human being than any of the human garbage that posted the above tweets.


  1. Cutting your dick off don't make you a woman

  2. He was a good man and made a lot of people happy. If you have a problem with that, then sort it yourself as it is you that has a problem!

  3. I'm still trying to work out what 'transphobia' is and why the left keep crowing about it.

  4. I'd pay to see any one of these communist f*cks stand up in a pub in Scotland and try to peddle this shit, they'd get eaten alive