Friday 14 October 2022


One of America's leading conservative cartoonists has been targeted by the socialist mafia of Silicon Valley yet again.  Ben Garrison was one of the Trump supporters expelled from Twitter and Facebook at the same time the US president was famously banned.  However, like ourselves, Ben and his cartoonist wife Tina had a backup page on Facebook they used in the event of such censorship.  It had a much smaller following, which they had significantly increased since their main page was quashed in January 2021.

On Monday the Garrisons' backup page was also banned by Facebook.

Oddly, it wasn't any of Ben's frequent references to the dastardly Covid jabs that triggered the tech giant into action.  It was a cartoon from 2012 that had been re-shared (see below), featuring a critique of the fluoridation of public water supplies (a process that has divided scientists ever since it was first used in 1945).

Only 25 countries across the entire world artificially introduce fluoride into their water supplies, including several regions in the UK.  Most Brits currently do not consume artificially fluoridated water, but last year moves were made to transfer powers from local authorities to central government, with the aim of nationwide coverage - on the advice of the chief medical officers, including none other than big pharma shill Professor Chris Whitty.  Facebook's motives for silencing the Garrisons don't look so strange now.

Ben responded to the latest ban: "Our cartoon pages are gone from Facebook forever, thanks to an anti-free speech tyrant named Zuckerberg.  He’s more aligned with the communist Chinese than he is real Americans.  Zuckerberg is a traitor."

Hear, hear.

Thankfully, the advent of alternative social media platforms mean the Garrisons can never be totally silenced online.  They are active on Gab, Parler and Truth Social.  They also have their own website - GrrrGraphics.  They are still on Instagram, although probably not for much longer as the site is owned by Zuckerberg's Meta tech empire.

Here's a selection of Ben and Tina's recent efforts...

Ben's response to the January 2021 big tech assault on Trump supporters and the
free speech alternative Parler
The climate scam is a regular feature in Ben's cartoons
One of Tina's cartoons, tackling the climate scam and one of its pushers, Bill Gates
The descent of Disney into wokery
Ben takes no prisoners when it comes to the far left
Big pharma shill Dr Fauci was a frequent target of Ben's work during the pandemic
Tina depicts Fauci and Biden rolling out the clot shots to American children
The Garrisons steadfastly opposed lockdowns, vaccines and mandates - and the
leaders who imposed them (including Boris)
Biden's embrace of conflict marked a return to the destabilising geopolitics absent
during the Trump years
Ben's solution to the globalist mess is the return of President Trump

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