Sunday 9 October 2022


Liam Halligan stands in for Neil Oliver this week.  Liam is the economic and business editor at GB News, so no great surprise to find that his monologue deals with the current state of the UK economy.  He begins with a rebuke of Liz Truss, who he describes as 'tin-eared' rather than 'iron lady'.  He then goes back to  the 2008 crash and delves into the phenomenon of quantitative easing, a reactionary money-printing tactic used by banks to supposedly stimulate economic growth.  However, it has potentially catastrophic consequences, hence the cost of lockdown crisis we are currently in and the colossal transfer of wealth during the pandemic.

Coming from an economic commentator with a shrewd head on his shoulders, this is perhaps one of the finer explanations as to why inflation and interest rates continue on their upward trajectory.  Contrary to the nonsense broadcast on the BBC, Sky and ITV, it has nothing to do with Russia and Ukraine!

Click below for the full eight minutes and 42 seconds.

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