Wednesday 5 October 2022


Our latest compilation of political cartoons covers the election of Liz Truss, the ensuing media campaign against her economic policies, the Labour conference, the death of Gorbachev, Biden's divisive quasi-fascist speech, some cheeky Republican governors, the rise of Meloni, the cost of lockdown crisis, the fallacy of electric cars, nuclear scaremongering, Putin on the back foot, Iran protests and, of course, the death of Her Majesty the Queen and the ascension of King Charles.

Watch below or on YouTube.

As a bonus for visitors here are a few extra cartoons that didn't make the cut...

03.09.22 - Bob Moran, Twitter
06.09.22 - Ben Garrison, Grrr Graphics
08.09.22 - Bob Moran, Twitter
09.09.22 - Terry Mosher Montreal Gazette
10.09.22 - Ben Garrison, Grrr Graphics
12.09.22 - Kevin Kallaugher, Economist
13.09.22 - Josh, Twitter
16.09.22 - Ben Garrison, Grrr Graphics
24.09.22 - Bob Moran, Twitter

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