Monday 31 October 2022


One of the more bizarre hissy fits over Elon Musk's Twitter takeover has come from Rhondda MP Chris Bryant.  Bryant is one of the most prolific Twitter users in Parliament and tweets dozens of times each day, but he is unhappy with news that Musk plans to charge users for the famous blue tick verification.  He posted an open message addressed to 'Mr Musk' complaining that he had never sought a blue tick (yet you have to apply in order to get one) and also that he was not aware if he had one (despite the fact it appears next to his own name).  Bryant has been a Twitter user since 2009.

Needless to say, the hapless MP has been rinsed for claiming to be oblivious to his blue check status.  Many users were exasperated that a former government minister and MP of two decades experience could be so inept, while others questioned how he could be unaware of something he would have had to apply for at some point.  Others suggested he should put the verification fee on his expenses, along with everything else MPs claim for.

Bryant's tweet is so dumb it's almost as embarrassing as being caught taking selfies in his underpants for a gay dating site, but perhaps not quite...

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