Thursday 20 October 2022


No matter how many times they rearrange the deckchairs, the Tories are sunk at the next election.  In the latest humiliation Liz Truss has become the shortest serving Prime Minister of all time, by a fair old margin too.  George Canning held the grim record previously, but his 119 days in office ended only with his death.  Even another two month Tory leadership contest won't save Truss from avoiding being the new record holder.

Despite being rejected by the Tory membership, Rishi Sunak has been installed as the bookies' favourite to become the third PM of this comical 2019 Parliament.  Penny Mordaunt is currently 9-2, with Ben Wallace at 12-1 and Boris Johnson at 14-1.

It doesn't matter, it's irrelevant.  The game's up.

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