Friday 28 October 2022


The far left's reaction to Britain's first Asian PM was predictable.  'He's a Tory, so he ain't really Asian' was very much the order of the day, echoing Joe Biden when he famously said black voters 'ain't black' if they don't vote for him.  The left think they own minority voters, a culture that they have fostered for decades and alluded to by Malcolm X way back in the 1960s.

Labour's Nadia Whittome has been one of the most prominent critics of Sunak's ethnic background this week, heralding his appointment as not 'a win for Asian representation'.  One of the reasons she proposed for this was that he is a 'multi-millionaire'.  It's twisted logic.  Sunak is a a man whose immigrant parents sought the best education for him and in just six years he rose from backbench MP to PM.  That's something to be proud of whatever your background, but here's the thing - Whittome's life is not so different from the man she berates.

She is descended from Indian immigrants like Sunak.  She too was privately educated before heading off to university and then entering politics - just like Sunak.  She is not a multi-millionaire yet, but as the youngest MP in the Commons, there's plenty of time for her to amass the millions of, say, her hero Jeremy Corbyn.  You see, being a multi-millionaire is perfectly acceptable as long you're not a Tory.

In Nadia's tweet she also critiques Rishi's tumultuous time as chancellor, accusing him of 'overseeing the biggest drop in living standards since 1956'.  Yes, yes, because of all those hideous lockdown policies and the pursuit of net zero etc, right?  All policies that you voted for?  Yes, Nadia's tweet stinks to the rafters of hypocrisy.

Care to search for this tweet?  It's not there any more.  She was told to delete it and it duly disappeared some time between Tuesday and Wednesday, not before it was captured for eternity by Twitter users and media outlets.  The internet remembers.

Who told Whittome to delete the tweet is not clear, but one thing is for sure - her spineless party leader is not prepared to own up to it, presumably fearing a backlash from her far left comrades.  He was asked twice about it on Sky News, but avoided the question (watch the clip below).

It's fair to say that the squirming and evasive response of Starmer shows that the far left still have some serious sway in the party and he is afraid to take them on.  As for Nadia, she's now pinned another tweet to the top of her Twitter profile - bemoaning the PM's wealth, but not his ethnic background.

This girl has surrounded herself with spiteful, like-minded leftists who are so short-sighted that they wouldn't know a double standard if it rocked up from gentrified Islington clutching a manifesto for 'the few'.

Long may she continue to dig a hole for herself and her socialist chums.

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