Sunday 31 October 2021


A Labour councillor in the South Wales Valleys has been targeted and exposed by self-appointed paedophile hunters.  Cllr Vaughan Bater represents the Evanstown ward on Ogmore Valley Community Council and was confronted on his own doorstep on Friday evening.  The anti-paedophile group Fleetwood Enforcers filmed the whole incident and towards the end of the video Cllr Bater is taken away by police officers.  The Fleetwood Enforcers later confirmed that he had been arrested.

The full video can be seen below.  It's half an hour long and contains lots of details of Bater's alleged grooming, so a strong stomach is required.

52-year-old Bater was co-opted onto the council just four months ago and his arrest is particularly bad timing as he recently announced he would have a book sold through Amazon next month.  As alluded to in the video, Bater is a mental health nurse by trade.  He has also spent several years raising funds for a children's hospital after the death of his seven year old daughter in 2011.  He has two other children, but is thought to be living alone in Ogmore Vale.

Vaughan Bater sports a Rolf Harris-style beard in a photo from his Facebook page

Ogmore is solid Labour territory and is represented by Chris Elmore in Westminster and Huw Irranca-Davies in the Senedd.  Neither have commented on Bater's arrest.