Thursday 21 October 2021


The words 'Build Back Better' emblazoned all over the Tory party conference is a familiar slogan for those who follow world politics.  It has been used as a slogan by Joe Biden, Justin Trudeau of Canada and Jacinda Ardern of New Zealand.  Not one of them is a conservative, in fact quite the opposite, which begs the question as to why a 'conservative' government in the UK would adopt the same slogan so enthusiastically.  Some would argue that they have all bought into Klaus Schwab's 'Fourth Industrial Revolution' - alternatively known as the Great Reset.  Certainly everything that is currently happening across the West suggests a co-ordinated direction of travel that would deliver precisely what Schwab and his World Economic Forum are after - total digital enslavement of the human race by way of a QR code.

Lockdown sceptic Steve Baker is not convinced by his party's adoption of the slogan.  The Tory backbencher conducted his own poll on Twitter and after 27,172 votes his concern was clearly shared.

Now Steve Baker is not one for 'wild conspiracy theories', but has said that it's little wonder that such views were gaining a foothold given his government's behaviour over the last 18 months.  Baker will have no doubt been disappointed to hear Sajid Javid adopting a hard line over vaccines in Wednesday's press briefing.  It had been hoped by many, including Baker, that Matt Hancock's replacement would take a more libertarian approach.  However, Javid suggested that a third Covid jab would be required in order to 'keep your freedoms'.

In a further blow to libertarian fears, Javid confirmed that he met with prominent globalist Bill Gates on Thursday.  Gates also met with the Prime Minister earlier this week.

Plan B and digital IDs are on their way.