Tuesday 19 October 2021


BBC presenter Stephen Nolan (pictured, above) has been accused of double standards after he complained about being confronted by an 'anti-vax protester' over the weekend.  After tweeting about it Nolan was immediately inundated with hundreds of negative comments, many highlighting his kowtowing of the establishment Covid narrative.  Central to many of the comments was a broadcast last year in which Nolan himself harangued customers at a petrol station who were not wearing face coverings.

"Imagine harassing people trying to get into their car" was how one Twitter user put it, attaching a still image from the broadcast showing Nolan chasing an elderly 'offender'.  Another shared the same image, writing: "Scaring old age pensioners is appalling".  A 'just desserts' flavour flowed through the comments, many of which also deplored the protester's alleged behaviour.  After-all, two wrongs don't make a right and screaming at individuals in the street is surely counter-productive to one's cause.

Click below to watch Nolan chasing and hounding customers at a petrol station last year.

In a follow-up tweet, Nolan described the protester as a 'snarling, swearing woman' hurling 'anti vax abuse' and that he was left feeling 'a different type of anger'.

It is not clear how this 'anti-vaxxer' sought out Mr Nolan at the specific location and there is no footage of the incident.