Wednesday 20 October 2021


Labour's dedication to open borders is well known, but two Labour groups have gone as far as to launch a protest against the immigration policies of... Poland!

On Sunday a protest was held outside the Polish Embassy in central London over the Polish government's push-back against migrants crossing from Belarus.  The open borders activists of Labour for Free Movement (and a smaller group calling itself Migrants4Labour) encouraged supporters to attend the event.  They joined left-wing expat Polish groups who are opposed to the right-wing government in Warsaw, which is headed by the Law and Justice party.  The Polish government is trying to deter and remove migrants along its porous border with Belarus.

As you can see from the above photo, despite being promoted by more than half a dozen groups the turnout was embarrassing.  Among the speakers at the protest was Ana Oppenheim, a Polish arts graduate and Labour activist who has had articles published in the Independent and Huffington Post.

Labour's Ana Oppenheim addresses the piss poor attendance
(she doesn't really need a loudspeaker, surely?)

Just as they deplore any attempt to deter migrants from crossing the English Channel, these left-wing activists don't believe Poland has a right to defend its borders either.  Of course most of these activists come from white middle class backgrounds and would probably be horrified if hordes of Afghans landed in their own back yard - which brings us round neatly to the Twitter profile of Migrants4Labour.

Note their logo, which features plenty of brown faces in the graphics.  Compare and contrast with the accompanying group photo that has no brown faces whatsoever.  Imagine our shock!