Friday 15 October 2021


Professor Robert Winston faces a deluge of hate today following his appearance on the BBC's Question Time last night.  Lord Winston, a Labour peer, sat on a panel that included Labour colleague Alison McGovern.  One audience member put to the panel a question regarding free speech and the case of philosophy professor Kathleen Stock, who is currently facing a hate campaign from trans activists at Sussex University.  For the 'crime' of speaking out in defence of women's gender rights, students are campaigning to have her sacked from her role at the university.

Following on from her leader's pathetic pandering to the trans lobby, frontbencher McGovern defended the rights of trans people to identify as they see fit.  It seems that feminism in the Labour Party is dead and buried.  However, when the question was posed to Professor Winston he warned host Fiona Bruce that he was about to say something that the producers may want to cut from the programme.  His highly 'controversial' response was to state a matter of fact: "You cannot change your sex".

Click below for the clip.

The woke lefties and trans bullies crying 'transphobe' and declaring that Winston is wrong don't need to study biology for decades to know they are the ones who are mistaken.  They just need to grow up.