Sunday 17 October 2021


The imposition of ever more aggressive vaccine mandates across the West is meeting mass organised resistance on the streets.  Over the course of the last few days huge protests have been held across Europe and yet there has been a media blackout.  Elsewhere, the media has lied about the huge disruption caused to American flights by pilots of Southwest Airlines.  The pilots' union is suing the airline over its forthcoming 'no jab, no jab' policy and pilots staged a walkout on Friday leading to the cancellation of thousands of flights.  The airline and the media tried to claim that the cancellations were due to bad weather and staff shortages, but no other airlines were affected.

It is clear that the mainstream media is on the side of the Covid tyrants waging war on their citizens in the name of a digital id.  The level of tyranny has reached absurd proportions, with unvaccinated Canadians to be barred from public transport, supermarkets able to refuse service to unvaccinated Germans, unvaccinated Americans removed from organ transplant waiting lists and a quarantine camp is being built for unvaccinated Australians.  This is apartheid, plain and simple - a word which for decades had negative connotations, but is now being inflicted on Western societies 'for our own good'.

In many countries, including our own, people are now being sacked from employment for choosing not to receive a Covid vaccine.  Last year Brits banged their pots and pans for NHS workers, but now they turn a blind eye as many of those same workers are fired.

It is almost as if our nations are in the grip of a mass psychosis.  How else to explain such apathy?

As Italians and others begin to strike back at globalist tyranny, when will our time come?  Not at the height of winter, that's a given.  Domestic vaccine passports are likely to be introduced mid-December according to a statement on the UK government website.  Opposition will grow from then on, particularly when it dawns on people that this is not a 'temporary' measure and Britain is to join other Western states in implementing an apartheid system.

Such a dystopian attack on our way of life would have been unthinkable two years ago, but sinister powers have exploited the pandemic to hatch this vile plan.  From Italy to Australia, from Canada to France, we must oppose them and we will.  Together we are many, but they will always be few.