Tuesday 26 October 2021


Richard Madeley has triggered the left, again.  The Good Morning Britain presenter was interviewing Keir Starmer on Tuesday and raised the spectre of Labour's hard left.  Starmer was discussing his support for an 'exclusion zone' around schools to protect them from 'anti-vax' protesters.  Madeley then posed a tongue-in-cheek question about Starmer setting up an 'exclusion zone' for the hard left, adding: "Some of the criticism you got after the conference was that you basically didn't seize the opportunity to give them a good kicking, and to make it absolutely clear that the days of the Corbynistas is well and truly over".

Click below for the clip, but be warned it includes a cringeworthy recital of Starmer's 'epic' put down to conference hecklers (epic, in his own mind that is).

It was a bit early in the morning for most lefties, but for those who did see it they would have been spitting corn flakes.  "Shocking" was how one Twitter user described it, "He should be kicked off GMB" wrote another.  Many tweeted directly to Good Morning Britain, calling for his head.

Labour's Mary Foy demanded that Madeley apologise.

The Durham MP is a member of the Socialist Campaign Group, alongside such luminaries as John McDonnell.  Speaking of apologies Mary, will John ever apologise to Esther McVey for his 'lynch the bitch' and 'stain on humanity' remarks?

Note also the face mask emoji in Mary's profile name.  Like most Labour MPs, she doesn't usually wear one outside of the Commons.  A cursory glance at her Twitter profile shows her hobnobbing in Westminster, visiting a craft shop and a school.  Not a face mask in sight.

For Labour, a face mask is an inconvenience and deployed only for virtue signalling purposes when they're on camera in the Commons (to show the peasants who elect them how it should be done).  Rampant hypocrisy.