Saturday 2 October 2021


On Wednesday the Labour leader was trying to portray his party as a 'serious' outfit capable of government.  Keir Starmer's keynote speech was heralded as a turning point in Labour's fortunes by some media commentators.  And yet less than 24 hours later the same Starmer ended a Good Morning Britain interview by suggesting that the next James Bond should be female...

Starmer was quite rightly rinsed on social media, many people reminding the Labour leader that he is not even sure what counts as female these days.  Should the female Bond have a cervix?

Where on earth does this woke mindset come from?  It's not going to win him any votes out in the former red wall and those are the seats he will need in order to win power.  Therein lies the problem - Labour are so out of touch with ordinary people that they do not know how to speak their language.  Their politicians live in woke metropolitan bubbles that they genuinely believe is representative of Britain as a whole.  They won't be winning an election any time soon with this twisted mindset.