Friday 29 October 2021


In his three-weekly update on Friday, Mark Drakeford confirmed his plans to expand vaccine passports in Wales to cinemas, theatres and concert halls.  Those venues would join nightclubs and large-scale events which are already 'mandated' to check passes.

This is just as we predicted.  Once the initial passport remit clears political legislature the politicians will expand their use to include more and more settings until they have almost complete digital control over our movements.  To further that very point Drakeford added that if virus levels continued to rise in Wales he would add hospitality to the list of venues that will be required to demand a vax pass, meaning that the days of a pint after work or a meal out would no longer be possible without a QR code.

Watch Drakeford's sinister threat to Welsh hospitality venues below.

A vax pass for hospitality venues would bring Wales in line with much of the Western world, where citizens cannot go to a pub, restaurant or cafe without papers.  For any so-called democracy to enact such dystopian and apartheid measures is an outrage and we must all resist it.  Thankfully, a number of establishments in Wales have already chosen not to accept Drakeford's mandate, but that's not enough to end this nonsense.  And nonsense it is...

Elsewhere in his briefing Drakeford responded to a media question about vax passes: "Your pass should be very easy to show.  You will then know with people sitting next to you - you are safe".  We know now that none of the Covid vaccines currently in use prevent people catching the virus or passing it on.  In fact, according to recently released UK government data - the vaccinated in all age groups over 30 are more likely to be infected with the virus than the unvaccinated (see table below).

The source for this table is here.

So if the establishment narrative is all about infections - and not hospitalisations and deaths as it should be - then there is simply no case for vaccine passports.  If we say no and we do not comply with this, together we can stop this totalitarian control nonsense in its tracks.  Hold the line.