Tuesday 19 October 2021


Despite Labour's supposed 'reservations' about domestic vaccine passports, one of their frontbenchers has called for the imposition of a 'green pass'.  A green pass is a form of domestic vaccine passport enforced in countries like Italy and Israel.  Bill Esterson is a shadow minister for international trade.

Esterson's contribution throws into further disarray Labour's hopeless inconsistency on vaccine passports, as we discussed in yesterday's post.  Earlier on Tuesday backbench Labour MP Ben Bradshaw also called for a green pass and the return of lockdown measures.

The imposition of a green pass in Italy has caused massive disruption, leading to huge protests, industrial strikes and blockades (although you won't hear about that in the mainstream media).  In order to try and conceal what is happening on the ground, authorities have even gone as far as to doctor publicly accessible webcams of the port town of Trieste - showing empty streets despite those same streets actually being loaded with thousands of protesters.

Click below for video.

The blockade of Trieste port threatens distribution of freight across central Europe and Italian police have resorted to water cannon in the last 24 hours.

We at Bin The Labour Party stand with the protesters.  This is not just about the liberty of Italians, it is about the liberty of citizens of the entire West.  In the former liberal democracies of the West people are currently being fired, refused work and even denied health services and food because they don't have a vaccinations, a QR code or the correct papers.  This is apartheid.  If we allow our governments to create such a society then we literally defecate on the graves of our ancestors who fought to keep our lands free.

Hold the line.

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